dddI’m Mirabai, a happy hippy vegan from the Philippines who wants to help spread positivity in the world!

I aim to thrive by nourishing myself, moving my body, exploring myself and the world, and creating as a form of self-expression.


I went vegan in 2013 for health reasons, and later on I began to be more aware and conscious of all my actions and how it would affect those around me and the planet I inhabit.

I love to make delicious healthy food that is good for our bodies, the plane and the animals. Supporting local farmers, and eating what is in season is something I try to do as much as possible because it is a more sustainable way to eat.


I personally love cycling, hiking, lifting weights, and for learning more about my body and myself, Yoga. Moving our bodies is an essential part of being happy and healthy, and I try to find a balance in my life of work and play.


Traveling is an essential part of a happy life, because every time we travel we learn from our surroundings, we learn from the people we meet. Exploring the beautiful sights of the world, and experiencing the cultures of different places.
0008I am on a constant journey of self-discovery and self-development. Always trying to improve myself in different aspects of life! Exploring both my inner self, and my outer surroundings.


I’ve always loved working with my hands and creating beautiful things out of nothing. I took up Fashion Design, and wish to help make fashion a more sustainable and conscious industry.

I aim to create positive energy and loving light in this world filled with darkness. To help create a better world, full of compassion.

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