Coconut Cream

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I have to say, preparing food has gotten easier and easier since I went vegan. My food also becomes simpler and simpler because the flavours of the plant really shines on its own, specially the coconut.

I’ve always loved coconuts! Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut meat, sprouted coconut, coconut sugar, coconut nectar, anything coconut and I probably love it! (I also love coconut oil but definitely not for ingesting) I’ve recently been obsessed with making coconut yogurt but today I couldn’t wait to make another batch because it takes 24 hours to turn into yogurt, so I just made coconut cream. Since I love drinking coconut water, it only makes sense to make full use of the meat that it comes with and not waste it.

This is a great breakfast or dessert idea (although you really should be eating your fruit at least 30 mins before cooked food and not after), but if you’d like to have this dessert instead of a cooked lunch, you would be making a wise choice.

Every time I would make coconut yogurt, I would always lick the wooden spoon because coconut has such beauty to it. It is naturally sweet and creamy which makes it the perfect choice. Well that plus the fact that the Philippines has an abundance of coconuts.

All you really need for the cream is young coconut meat, the younger it is, the sweeter the meat is. Or at least that’s how it is for me.


  • Chopped ripe fruit of your choice, I used Mangoes
  • Young Coconut Meat
  • Homemade Vegan Chocolate Sauce (I’ll share my recipe for this in the next few days)

Just blend the coconut meat until it is super smooth and put it on top of your deliciously ripe fruit! If desired, get lots of chocolate sauce on there because it takes this to a whole new level of delicious!

Watch the youtube video for it HERE


Hope you liked it!

Peace and Love,




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