Tropical Sunshine Juice

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I’m calling this a tropical sunshine juice because it will make you feel like there is sun shining out of you. You probably think I’m kidding even though I’m not…

I used dalandan which apparently is also called sour orange because they are still in season and are very cheap, and most of the time that’s how I decide what is going into my body. I do believe that 95% of what we eat should be locally grown as much as possible, and eating with the seasons helps us see what we should be eating.

This smoothie/juice is filled with vitamin C, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals that will have you bursting with energy! It’s also very cleansing which makes it extra good for the body. The fiber in the pineapple will help move things along inside as well, if you know what I mean.

All I did was juiced the dalandan and blended it with the pineapple. Make sure you remove the core and the eyes of the pineapple though so that it won’t be chunky. I had this today and it was just what I needed, not that I was feeling under the weather or anything, I just love nourishing my cells with nutrient-dense plants food!

  • 1 Chopped Ripe Pineapple
  • 1L Ripe Dalandan/Orange Juice

This is a great juice choice for anyone who needs a big dose of vitamins and minerals as well as some fiber to move the bowels along so you can be a clean machine!

Peace and Love,


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