Better & Brighter


2 1eI’m baaack!

Well, I never really left, but I was off for a really long time. I just lost inspiration to post, mostly because I was still a bit lost. I’ve been able to do some soul development though and I am excited to get back and start fully sharing myself. I’ve been doing a lot of rebuilding, and I am excited to share everything I can.

I started this blog because I wanted to help inspire people, help motivate people to start eating better and caring more for their bodies. As I went along on my own personal journey I learned so much about myself, although of course there is so much more to learn.

What’s new?

I’ve been trying to fine tune this blog to truly show who I am and I am going to be mixing everything up and putting out some of the wannabe artist inside of me.

What should you expect from this space?

More healthy vegan recipes, travel blogs, lifestyle tips on minimalism, sustainable living, and thoughts from my life. I want to share how to live more mindfully through all aspects of life.

I want to be a better advocacy of VEGANISM as well and I think I would be most effective if I stay active online and keep posting.

Expect to see some art mixed into my posts as well as it really does inspire me to create more. I will definitely be looking into this space as a space for me to let my creativity flow!


What do you want to see me share?

Thank you for coming with me on this amazing rollercoaster called life.

Let’s have a great ride!


Peace and Love,


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