Sunday Run Day || Day 7

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Sundays are for going to the market and buying produce. At least that’s what my Sunday Mornings are like. So unless I’m out of town, you’ll find me in the market early in the morning stocking up on local produce. I’ll be the one hoarding the red lady papayas, carrying 7kg of lettuce, and sweating like I’m in a sauna room. I shop for the whole family which means I have to think of what my whole family will be eating for the week. It’s a hard task, but someone’s gotta do it or else they’ll be eating out regularly which costs more, and isn’t as healthy.

This week I was still recovering from my sunburn from the Veg-up in Nuvali, so carrying kilos and kilos of produce was quite the challenge since I usually like carrying the shopping bags on my shoulders. It was as if I was working out though, farmer’s carrying the bags to the car and all. Oh the things we have to do to get good quality produce.

Once I get home after the market though, it’s time to unload the car and start fixing up our Sunday haul. This takes quite a few minutes because we’re carrying the stuff from the car and fixing it around the kitchen. This usually leaves me quite sweaty. But once it was all done, I was all set and ready to run. Did you see my rhyme there? 😉 

On Sundays the UP Oval is usually closed to cars, which is why you can see tons of runner, walker, bikers, and families enjoying the nature. We didn’t run in the oval though because it’s usually extremely full because there aren’t many places around the city to run safely and have picnics. I wish it were different, but most of the spaces in the metro are dedicated to buildings and condominiums. But that’s just a looong rant waiting to happen.

So how was my run? I ran with my sister Jo and it was around 9:30am in the morning which meant it was already quite hot outside. But we pushed through! I also made sure to wear a long sleeved shirt because strangely enough my face didn’t get as dark as my shoulders, which just made me look quite strange really. We ran a bit longer than the 30mins. minimum of the challenge because we were a bit further fro the car, so we spent the last 5 minutes doing sprints and walks. Felt pretty good though, still pacing myself to make sure I don’t get pains from breathing wrong. I don’t like talking much when I run, but I do enjoying listening, I like to focus on my breathing though so that I don’t lose my breathing pattern. Man does it feel great to work up a sweat though.

Today’s Run:

Time: 35mins.

Distance: 4.3km

Location: UP Diliman

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Pineapple Beet Juice with Chia Seeds, Jackfruit, Cashew fruit

Lunch: Ampalaya (bitter melon), Sugarcane Juice

Dinner: Papaya

For some strange reason I just didn’t feel like eating a lot of solids that day. So I made tons of juice to fuel me because there is nothing worse than an undercarbed fruitarian. I’m kidding, there are worse things on earth. 

I had to bring my sister a few things in Taft, so I let Jo drive so she could practice. It was quite a ride and quite something for my heart. We picked up Jel and headed to Greenbelt to buy some Vegan Popcorn from Chimara because that stuff is gold! We also went to Healthy

Options to buy a couple of things but they seemed to be out of everything we wanted to buy. Thankfully we were able to buy sugarcane juice though, which was something I was just really craving at the time, although now as I’m writing this I want some too…

I also ate some bitter melon today, and I would like to challenge you to try a piece. I promise you that the second bite isn’t bitter anymore. As long as you keep eating it, the bitterness goes away. If you stop eating it though and eat something else, then go back to eating it, the bitterness will return. So try it out for yourself! At least you can proudly tell people after that you’ve eaten bitter melon RAW. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Got any questions for me about the challenge or just about anything under the sun? Send me an email at

I hope you had or are having or will have a happy healthy day!

Peace and Love,

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