Patience || Day 6

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You know how you plan a day out in your head and it goes perfectly? Than on the very day you imagined, it all goes wrong? Well, okay, not everything went wrong, but I did feel like was being tested… Where should I begin? It’s quite a long story though, but I’ll try to give you the gist.

I initially wanted to be in Santa Rosa early so I could get my run in as well as bike a few rounds because Nuvali is a great place to do that. We bumped into a LOT of traffic though and ended up in Nuvali at 11am which didn’t leave me much time to wander off. We were still early since the Veg-up was at 11:30, but I was with my youngest sister and didn’t want to just leave her in the car. We originally planned to be at the clubhouse and she would read and swim while I biked and ran. Good thing I saw Betty and was able to let my sister join them while I did a quick ride around Nuvali. I didn’t last very long though because I started getting a slight headache because I didn’t have breakfast yet. It was my first time biking again after months of not getting on my bike though so that felt amazing and horrible at the same time. I wish I could bike around here more often, but with the traffic and the drivers here in Manila, early morning on weekends is the only safe time.

I may not have done my run, but I did bike, and I’ll count it since when I got home, I was too drained from the drive to do anything.

Today’s Run Bike Ride:

Time: 33mins.

Distance: 12.5km

Location: Nuvali

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Grapes

Lunch: Watermelon and Beet Juice

Dinner: Watermelon, Dates, Banana Smoothie

I will admit that I didn’t do so well with food today. I didn’t realize that I didn’t eat enough until I got home at 7:30pm with a massive headache. I tried to get the carbs in, but at that point my body just needed to sleep it off, so I ate what I could, rested for a bit and went to bed. 2 hours on the road here might as well be hell.

It was the Veg-up of Manila Vegans in Nuvali and it was amazing as usual! There really is something different about being around like-minded people who don’t judge you for who you are what what you believe in. The Manila Vegans group is filled with different kinds of vegans, healthy vegans, junk vegans, vegan athletes, so on and so forth. There was so much food like pulled “pork” (jackfruit), Isaw, kale-slaw, sushi, ice cream, suman, cookies, muffins, beanuguan (dinuguan without the blood), beet hummus, malunggay dilis, and so much more! I was in the side happily chowing down watermelon on the extremely hot day. I ended up with an extremely burnt back as I didn’t realize just how long I was under the sun for!

Just a little tip, since it’s summer make sure you hydrate your bodies because you are losing a lot of liquid. Drink lots of water and eat hydrating food especially when you’re outdoors!

My patience was tested that day, and was constantly reminded of how much one can hate Manila for it’s traffic, but I was also reminded about how just being surrounded with positive people can really change your mood. It’s extremely important to surround yourself with people who lift you up and allow you to be yourself, and not waste our time with those who do not appreciate our weirdness. I’m sure we’ve all encountered those types of people, and trust me, I know how unhealthy it can actually be to keep them around.

I’m currently backlogged with posts, and I’ve got a video from the Veg-up that needs to get made, but I’ll leave you with this.

Now go and hydrate!
Peace and love,


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