Day 4 #RunningRaw

Move, Nourish

So I woke up today and had some sisterly obligations, so I delayed my run for after I got home. When I got home though, I had a burst of inspiration which had me sketching for hours (which is good though because I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit me for my Grad Show). Come lunch time I was really hungry so I fueled up well enough so that I’d have energy to run after a couple of hours later until the heat started getting worse. For some reason it was just a really hot afternoon. I had a fan on and all I could feel was warm air. What was that craziness??? Then something else happened… I started to hear thunder which meant possible rain. I had to decide if I was gonna head out the door and start running, head to the gym and run on a treadmill (which makes me quite depressed because you’re stuck on a machine that goes nowhere and the unnaturally cold aircon restricting your body from sweating), or just skip a day. So I decided not to let the weather stop me today and got in my running clothes and headed out the door. If it did start to rain, I’d just end up wet and in need of a shower anyway, nothing to lose!

Thankfully it didn’t rain, although the clouds kept taunting me as I ran. Today was probably the hardest day to get through so far because of the heat. I almost made it to 4km during my 30min run, just a few meters off. Now I’m wondering to myself, could I possibly run 5km in 30 minutes by the end of this 30 day challenge? Let’s see…

Today’s Run:

Time: 30mins

Distance: 3.95km

Location: Around the Village

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Honeydew Melon, lots of Honey Bananas, Passion fruit

Lunch: 2 Papaya and 1.5L Raw Coco

Dinner: Red Juice with Chia Seeds and a Small Salad

Right now I’m still stuffed from my juice, but ready to head down to prepare a small salad for myself. It was a day full of fruit and inspiration for me, and that makes a good day.

A few people showed interest in joining this little personal challenge of mine, and since I have been thinking of starting a challenge, this might be the perfect time. Not right this minute, but in May, so if you’re interested in joining either leave your email below or send me a quick email for I can have your email ready for the challenge. It’ll be an all vegan challenge which means you will be eating all healthy plant-based food for a whole month with a bit of exercise. I’ll also give recipes

tips, and all that jazz so that you’ll have an easier time with your food. Are you up for the challenge? Just a little advance warning, eating lots of fruits and veggies does have a few side effects such as lots of energy, better bowel movements, clearer skin, mental clarity, etc. So proceed with caution…

If you think you’re up for the challenge and want to treat your body to some good healthy food send me an email at or comment your email below!

Let’s do this, guys!

Peace and Love,


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