Better Days || Day 10 & 11

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Time ripens all things; no man is born wise.

~Miguel de Cervantes

The days aren’t getting easier, but I’m getting faster. 

I’m pretty happy with my progress so far since running has never been a strong suit of mine. From the very first day of just 3.3km in 30mins. to 4km in 30mins. I’m already 1/3rd through the challenge and I’m proud of myself for getting this far. As I go through each day, I get better, I improve, and that is what is most important. It took so much of me to get myself to finish my run though. I’m still not at the stage where I’m really enjoying running yet. I wonder if I ever will, actually.

Day 10

I hit the 4km mark during my 30 minute run! My was that satisfying to accomplish. I ran in UP again, and realized that I should probably try running the same route again in a week’s time to see any improvements. It was nice and early which meant it wasn’t too hot as well. I kept the same pace althoughout the run and didn’t mess up my breathing at any moment which allowed me to just go straight through the run. It was a good run.

Today’s Run:

Time: 30mins.

Distance: 4.01km

Location: UP Diliman

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Watermelon

Lunch: Pineapple & Kale Juice with tons of Chia Seeds, Bananas

Dinner: Romaine, Grape tomatoes, and Purple Cabbage Salad with a Mango Tomato Dressing

Day 11

It was only in the afternoon when I felt like getting my run in, so I waited till then. The weather was cooperating with me too since there was still sun, but there was also a really good amount of wind. It was breezy which is good, but also bad if you pass a lot of mango trees during your run. I almost got hit in the head by a small green mango because the wind blew it out of it’s branch.

I was pretty close to giving up though, I don’t really know why. It was mostly just me wanting to just lay down in bed and chug down a smoothie. But I pushed myself to finish it, and was able to keep the 4km mark.

Today’s Run:

Time: 30mins.

Distance: 4km

Location: Around the Village

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Passion fruit and Papaya

Lunch: Guava and lots of Honey Bananas

Dinner: Raw Coco and Banana Smoothie

You know what, I watched a movie today with my sister and while she ate her popcorn and Jamba Juice, I had sliced guava and honey bananas in my bag. It saved me money, and time. It also didn’t add any garbage. People ask me often if it’s hard for me to eat this way. All I can say is that, I make it work. I have never felt better than with this lifestyle so I have no intentions of doing anything less. Once you’ve felt your best, you’ll never want to feel anything short of that. To feel vibrant and energized is something not most diets can give you. Most fad diets will leave you hungry and angry while a high carb low fat fruit/starch based vegan diet will give you all the energy you need to feel satisfied.

I haven’t had any cravings lately, although I was tempted by my sister’s mashed potato this evening. But I had a huge cup of coco, so I was good. The thing is, when you start putting healthy food into your bodies, that’s what your body will start to crave! The less junk you feed yourself, the less it will want.

Peace and Love,


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