Raw Almond Squares

I’ve always loved dessert, probably not as much as a lot of people but sweets were always a weakness of mine. Now I eat mostly sweet things, naturally sweet that is. Since I try to follow the 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle, I eat mostly fruits and a bit of veggies. And since I try to keep my fat intake low, I only indulge in these treats once in a while.
I’ll be honest though, it’s been a few months since I’ve made these, and I only really tried writing down the ingredients and how much of it I put. But I thought that I should start writing these things down so I can remember them, and in case anyone ever wants to try making it themselves. I’m not greedy with recipes (not like I have any reason to be, I’m a fashion design student, not a culinary one) because I want to share healthy ideas and alternatives to those who want to eat and live healthier.

So once in a while, I like to make these little delicious little squares of deliciousness. There are so many ways to make these, many different variations and substitutions, but I’ll share this one first.


What you’ll need:
Food Processor
Weighing Scale
Wax Paper
250g Dates
50g Almonds or any other nuts of your choice
2 Tbs Carob Powder
1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon (Only if you like cinnamon)
1.) Place almonds in the food processor, and chop until you have small bits.
2.) Places dates in the food processor and mix the dates until smooth.
3.) Add carob powder and mix again until well mixed.
4.) Separate into 10g balls, flatten and turn into squares.
5.) Enjoy!
6.) Possibly enjoy with almond butter. 😉
Makes 15 pieces
A great way to serve and enjoy these are to top it off with some almond butter, and an almond. It balances out the sweetness really well.


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