Wicked Green


I’m on some kind of high from finally watching Wicked last night, It was absolutely amazing. I had goosebumps all throughout it, and when they started singing Defying Gravity, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Just thinking about it now is bringing my goosebumps back. So I guess you could say that my green smoothie are like my little green elixirs. Although they are usually just a bit smaller than my head… Let me give you some green smoothie combinations ideas while I’m on a Wicked high!

( Notice my green shirt and the green background because I’m all green today because of Wicked!)

Today for lunch I had one of my favorites because it’s calorie dense is Banana, Mango, Spinach, and Lettuce. I also like adding basil to my smoothies, or mint, but I’m currently out.

Here are a few choices you can choose from, try them first so you can decide which you like most! These are just the ones on my mind as of right now.

I usually used around 4 cups of greens, 2-3 cups of water, and LOTS OF FRUIT. But depending on the day, this varies from day to day. So I just suggest mixing it up and fining what you like best. Some greens are stronger than other, and some fruits are sweeter. Bananas are always a safe bet too because they are super sweet and calorie dense!



Just some options I’ve already tried and love!

– Orange + Mango + Greens
– Banana + Mango + Greens
– Apple + Mango + Greens
– Banana + Strawberry + Greens
– Pineapple + Orange + Mango + Greens
– Pineapple + Mango + Greens
– Apple + Banana + Greens
– Banana + Papaya + Greens
– Papaya + Mango + Greens

You basically make a smoothie you like and just have some greens it in for extra nutrients and fiber! It’s that easy! What’s your favorite combinations?

Also, my favorite Green Juice combination: Kale and Pineapple. It’s not for everyone, but I love it! I’ve had friends try it and they didn’t like it. It’s pretty simple, if you want it to taste sweeter, just add fruit! don’t be afraid of fruits, it’s all natural, and it has so many vitamins that are good for your body. I hate that people are so afraid of sugar from fruits yet they aren’t afraid of powdered and highly processed sugars that are no longer in their natural state. So just keep eating fruit! add as much of it as you want in your lifestyle! And it gives so much energy too!

(round two of my wicked greens for today: Kale and pineapple)

TIP: Always try new things, experiment so you discover what you like. Don’t be so afraid of trying new things or trying new fruits and veggies, don’t be afraid of healthy food too, because it’s not only so good, but also so good for you!!!

I just need to say that ever since eating mostly Raw food, I know I have been changes for the better, and because I started, I have been changed for good.

Go green, or go home!

Peace and Love,

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