Tropical Dream


Just to share an awesome smoothie combination for those looking to conquer any smoothie cravings. This recipe is perfect right now because mangoes and pineapple are in season here in the philippines. If you want something absolutely refreshing and tropical, this is the way to go!

When you start drinking this you can start imagining yourself on the beach, with your eyes hidden in sunglasses, enjoying the sound of the ocean and the sand in your feet. Until you realize, well you’re not. You’re in the busy city with tons of responsibilities and work to do, but at least for a few minutes, you were gone. What am I waiting for? Let’s get smoothie-ing?

2 Cups Mango (freeze first if you want a cold smoothie)
2 Cups cut Pineapple
2 Oranges (juiced, or just peeled and sliced with pith, but remove the seeds if there are any)
Mint, maybe around 2 Tbs
1 Cups water

Get blending and enjoy it all in it’s glory!

Make around 1 Liter

Wanna make it healthier? Just add greens! Lettuce and spinach? Kale? Do iiit!!!! No one is stopping you! Put as much or as little as you want!

Now I better get back to my work, the tropical dream can only distract me for so long. But maybe I could go on another trip later, ha!
Can I just say that I’ve been so happy receiving feedback and just emails wanting to connect, or asking for advice! I get so excited because I’m so passionate when it comes to helping other develop healthier habits! I’m glad to be able to do my part in inspiring you! If you have any suggestions or question or you just wanna get in touch, don;t be afraid to email me at I’m always happy to help in any way I can!
Have a lovely day!
Peace and love,

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