The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear


I can’t remember when it was that I stumbled up The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky on Youtube, but I do remember already being a vegan then for health reasons. I wasn’t all that connected yet with the ethical side of Veganism, so I guess at that point I was just eating a plant-based diet, but this was one of the videos that really changed my life. I’ll be honest, I still haven’t watched Earthlings, it’s just too much for my heart to take. I only found out about the documentary when I was already a vegan so I figured there was no need for me to have to watch it. Although I do hope I am strong enough to watch it one of these days.

What I did this morning, just because I felt like it, was watched the speech again with my youngest sister Juliana or Yana who is not a vegan at all. Yes, she eats mostly vegan food because that’s what we make at home, but when she’s with friends or out and not with us, we have no control. My dad also said we shouldn’t force her to do anything that drastic because she will feel deprived and may rebel, and we definitely didn’t want her turning into a crazy meat and dairy addict. So this morning I thought, Why don’t I watch the speech with her? It’s not as brutal as Earthlings and she’ll definitely learn quite a few things. So that’s exactly what we did.

A few minutes into it and we were still good. It was right until the 5min short clip of how the animals are treated when she really began to see what she had been supporting. Before watching this video she had only heard us talk about how animals are killed to be made into food, but when she finally saw the truth in front of her eyes, the RAW, BLOODY, PAINFUL TRUTH, her emotions changed drastically. From just feeling bad about the animals, to full tears. She held my had tight with her head resting on my shoulders, and I could feel her tears fall on my arm. I kept telling her to keep her eyes open because whenever she would eat bacon, chicken or have milk, cheese, eggs, or ice cream, she was supporting this cruel industry. She was able to watch through the whole morbid video with her eyes wide open. Her blinders had been removed. And once you see those images, you cannot just erase it from your mind, they hit a place in your heart, and stay there forever. It was a quick yet powerful clip and I could tell that it had changed my sister in some way. I didn’t indent to traumatize her, I simply wanted her to know the truth behind what she wanted to eat. I wanted her to spend more of her life knowing the truth rather than trying to ignore it.

Be honest with yourself though, don’t call it pork or beef, it’s animal flesh. DEAD animal flesh. That’s what’s on your plate. And what are you dipping your cookies in? Milk stolen from a helpless cow’s body simply trying to nourish her child. Real food smells amazing, I was basically using my orange peels to make my car smell good. If I left some animal flesh in there, I would smell it rot and I do not like the smell or the sight of animal flesh. But hey, maybe you think it’s delicious? What looks more appetizing, animal flesh or fruits and vegetables?

I think, therefore I am Vegan

I have seen these words around the internet time and time again, and the more I read it the truer it gets. Before I went vegan, I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t thinking about the other animals and the harm I was causing them. I wasn’t thinking about the harm of what I was eating was causing to my body. I wasn’t thinking about WHY we were doing the horrible things we were doing. But when I finally started to think about these things, I became vegan. Thing is, I thought I never would go vegan because “I love cheese too much” Here I am a few years later not even craving it. Cheese or any dairy product is one the harshest forms of animal cruelty. I told my sister, “Imagine a newborn baby, you know that when they’re newly born all the ingest is milk from their mothers, right? So imagine that baby being taken away from it’s mother while someone else took the mother’s milk. Let’s say a monkey took the milk for their personal PLEASURE.” Does that sound right? Does being taken away from your mother so early in your life sound right? And for what? The pleasure of having cheese on your pizza? Having butter in your cake? We are humans, we are not supposed to be drinking milk from another animal. But if you think it’s natural for us to do so, please go ahead and put your lips onto those udders and drink away.

For all of you on my Facebook news feed sharing posts on how animals shouldn’t be in circuses, blah blah blah, and you still eat dairy and meat? You can’t just choose to say that it’s not right to exploit animals this way, but heck go ahead and kill this one please, and put it on my plate! You’re being a hypocrite. If you claim to be a feminist and aren’t vegan, you’re a hypocrite. Female cows are raped, and exploited for their milk while being separated from their children just so you can enjoy a glass of warm milk. If you claim to be an environmentalist and aren’t vegan, you’re being a hypocrite. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and climate change. If you claim to be a vegetarian for ethical reasons, you are a HYPOCRITE. Vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy which is a form of exploitation and cruelty towards animals. So don’t say you went vegetarian for the animals because you’re still using them. If you claim to actually love animals but still have them on your plate, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. Love one and eat the other? Oh please!

Open your eyes, the world is a cruel place to exist in. The least we can do is to cause as little harm to other creatures as possible, and the only way to do that is by going VEGAN.

If you are interested in finally thinking, please go and watch Earthings, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, Hungry For Change, Vegucated, Cowspiracy, Food Inc., The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky.

If you are a meat-eater then you should still watch the videos because you’re taking their life, you owe them at LEAST that much.

Vote compassion, GO VEGAN.
Vote Peace, GO VEGAN.


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