Raw Coco

I was never too stuck on Starbuck’s even before I started to eat so much healthier. I just didn’t want to be spending so much money on liquid calories that would just leave me feeling heavy afterwards. What I was really hooked on then was milk teas because it was cheaper and I thought it was healthier because it had the word “tea” in it. I could not be more wrong! It came to a point where I would  sometimes have two milk teas a day during and after classes (safe to say that’s where my freshmen 25 came from). Or I would have the occasional So Sugar Added Soy Chai Tea Latte in Coffee Bean, because Starbuck’s just doesn’t do very well with teas.
I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this Raw Coco though. I’ve been making them for a while now and thought I’d share a “how-to” for those who loooove their Starbuck’s. This is a great alternative because it’s low in fat, and high in delicious goodness. I’ll even share the macros in the bottom for you.
This is my first detailed “how-to” so I tried my best to take photos of everything I did just so it’s all clear. I want to make this as easy for everyone so that everyone can enjoy it! You might also like to know just how much this comes out as! I’ll share it at the end of the post, I think you’ll be fully convinced by then. So, let’s start getting frothy!

I did my best to make a heart on the top, but you can see that I failed at that.
What You’ll Need:
Measuring Spoons
Weighing scale (for food)
150g- 200g Dates (more if you aren’t afraid of carbs, remove seeds)
2 Tbs Carob Powder (add more if you want a stronger carob taste)
1 tsp Cinnamon
Feel free to add more of certain ingredients to match your taste!
1. Get your container ready (1Liter container works best for this recipe)
2. Place Dates in the container
3. Fill the jar with water until the top
4. Let the dates sit in the water for a few hours, the longer you wait, the smoother the coco.
5. Prepare your blender   6. Place soaked dates and water in blender     7. Blend until smooth
*Don’t mind the old blender, I’m saving up for a high-speed blender right now along with a spiralizer.
8. Add carob and cinnamon     9. Blend again until fully mixed   10. Sift to make sure you have no date chunks. Although if you soak the dates for long enough you wont’s have anything to really sift. (optional)
To make it fancier just sprinkle some carob on top.
This recipe makes a 1 Liter worth of the Raw Coco, so if you love your Coco like I do, you could finish this whole thing yourself! Incase you’re making this to share, it makes 4 cups worth.
Calories for 1 Liter: 460
Protein: 4.3g
Carbs: 125.3g
Fat: 0.7g
Calories for 1 Cup: 115
Protein: 1.075g
Carbs: 31.3g
Fat: 0.175g
For Philippine base readers you can get carob powder from Leaf Kitchen Raw Food Grocer. If you find it hard to get dates, I would suggest baking shops (like Chocolate Lover or All About Baking) or you could order online from The Superfood Grocer.
Peace and Love,

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