Choco Treat


So my sister just pulled off a tooth, and she was about to cry because she thought it would be painful so she didn’t want to. The tooth was almost off, though, it was only holding on with so little left. What do you do to encourage her to just pull it off? ICE CREAM. Being a vegan though I can’t support her eating regular store bought ice CREAM and we didn’t have time to go out and buy some vegan coconut ice cream (which is quite delicious though) so I turned to the best thing ever discovered: BANANA ICE CREAM. It’s been a year since I’ve known about this amazing thing. The very first time I made it was around a year ago. I made a blueberry banana ice cream and it was love at first scoop. So simple and healthy you wouldn’t believe it was good for you. There are so many different ways to make Banana Ice Cream, or #nanaicecream if you wan some ideas on Instagram. Here’s the bulletproof way for kids to enjoy it though, with CHOCOLATE.

This recipe is super easy and amazingly delicious. Been making it for a while now and my little sister loves it every time! If you want to make it more fun you just put them into your popsicle molds and make popsicles! It’s soo easy and so tasty!

What you’ll need:
Blender/ Food Processor

Frozen Banana
Cacao/Cocoa/Carob Powder
Water (if needed)

Let the bananas soften just a bit, then place everything in the blender/food processor and blend until you have a good smooth consistency. I like to place the ice cream back in the freezer for an hour or so because it gives you an even better texture. After that just serve and devour!

I didn’t put measurements because you can basically play around with it, depending on your preferred flavor. You can also switch the cacao for something else, or just have it plain! I love mango nana ice cream as well, or strawberry nana ice cream. My goodness, the possibilities are endless!

Attacking the deliciousness!
I sure hope you all had a lovely weekend! Time to have an amazing week!
Peace and Love,
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